Parish Profile

Our "Parish Profile" is a document that is now complete. Using the material collected from the "Story Gathering" survey from our parishioners and other sources, the search committee has prepared the St. Michael's Profile document. An online PDF copy is now viewable and downloadable at: "St. Michael's Dean Search Profile"

If you don't have a PDF viewer, you can preview the Profile pages as  JPG pictures directly in your browser (no functional internal links) at the following URL: Profile Picture Preview

If you read the document with a PDF reader, you should have access to all the links highlighted within the document. If you don't or have printed it out and want to refer to the noted URL's within the document, they are available below. Just check the document page and look to the associated links.

Parish Profile URL's By Page

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Collect for Transition

Almighty God, you have called us, as you called those who came before us, into lively and holy ministry in this Cathedral parish, to be your light in this corner of the world: in this time of change, send, we pray, your Holy Spirit to comfort and guide us, to help us discover who we are, and what we may become; as we prepare for a new shepherd of your flock, a minister in your house, grant us patience, discernment, and grace in all our uncertainties, and bless our search for one to lead us as the church you call us to be, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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